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The Intouchables

23 Aug

Every time I type the word intouchables, my iPad tries to correct me. Spell-check OCD. So here I was sitting in the theatre wondering what I was doing at the press screening of the French film ‘The Intouchables‘. Never having heard of it, one glimpse at the trailer had me convinced that irrespective of my initial hesitation, this was going to be fun even with the subtitles. To my surprise, it was dubbed in English. Hurray to that!

Based on a true story, the film is about Philippe (François Cluzet), paralysed by a paragliding accident and his unconventional, unqualified, newly acquired caretaker Driss (Omar Sy), a street thug trying to live off governmental benefits. Being tired of a life of pity, Philippe finds happiness in Driss’s rogue behavior. They both help each other find peace from their past, permitting them to face an uncertain future filled with new opportunities. Continue reading