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Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC)

11 Jun

After a long hiatus, I’m back to the gaming world (thanks to a new rig) so I’m still scratchy with my opinion with not much to compare with. This is officially my first war based First Person Shooter (FPS) after playing ‘Call of Duty 2’ eons ago.

You play Kirby (a rifleman by default), leader of a four-man US Marine Corps fire-team Bravo part of a squad called Outlaw 2 operating in Tajikistan in the year 2013, fighting local insurgents initially followed by the better armed Chinese army under a swearing -Staff Sergeant Knox.

A simple story-line stretch along (some of them over 45minutes long) via multi-staged levels that further drags on due to tedious jeep/helicopter rides in the beginning (and the end in some cases) of each level where Knox is busy raving about how uber-awesome you are or passing racist comments about the enemy or just ranting about how screwed you are. Knox tends to get on your nerves a little too often though he is a life saver (more like a baby sitter) as he barks out orders throughout the mission. Continue reading