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25 Oct

I wouldn’t call it a bad movie. It clearly had its moments of brilliance but they being so few and far between that you walk out of the theatre thinking about the opportunity missed.

Avid gamer Prateek Subramaniam (Armaan Verma) doesn’t believe in heroes; he’s tempted by the dark side. He being raised in a foreign country finds his father, game developer Shekhar Subramaniam (Shar Rukh Khan), a typical tam-bram from Mumbai, to be embarrassing, a coward and uncool. Shekhar tries to reach out to his son and as a last ditch effort creates an ultimate game called Ra.One (Derived from Random Access version One) where the artificial intelligence enabled villain called Ra.One (Arjun Rampal) can’t be defeated or so we are made to believe even though Prateek manages to almost do that in his very first attempt. Fashioning a bruised ego and technology at his disposal, Ra.One enters the real world to hunt down Prateek. The rest is a typical Bollywood masala movie sans the running around the trees (Iss film mein emotion hain, action hain, drama hain, music hain). Continue reading


Killer Elite

5 Oct

Killer Elite’ based on a ‘factional’ book by the name of ‘The Feather Men’, written by Sir Ranulph Fiennes; is a dramatic illustration about three Special Air Service (SAS) officers assassinated by an elite hit squad to avenge the death of ‘Osama lookalike’ Sheikh Amr’s (Rodney Afif) three sons in Oman.

After a ‘job’ where he shoots a man in front of his son in Mexico, mercenary Danny (Jason Stathom) decides to retire (“I’m done with killing”) in Australia when he is forcefully hired by Sheikh Amr to finish the job his imprisoned mentor, Hunter (Robert De Niro) couldn’t. Along with Davies (Dominic Purcell) and Meier (Aden Young), he goes along hunting three SAS officers for confession and execution. A secret society made up of former operatives to protect their interests gets wind of this and their watch dog Spike Logan (Clive Owen) is put on the job to get to the bottom of it. Political oil interest is thrown in to the mix to put a third angle to proceedings. Continue reading