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22 Jul

A Brilliant concept with a ‘playing it safe’ execution. Not taking anything away from Christopher Nolan who has done a great job directing and writing it but the movie didn’t seem to push the envelope for me. It could have been so much more but it chose to be a simpler version to make it more profitable (I assume) in the sense that by making the movie less complicated, they ensured that the movie goers were enthralled by the ride they were taken on while it almost managed to stay logical to most of them.

Making someone else believe the idea in their head is theirs is something you can do without getting into the persons dream. But in Inception, dreams are used as the doorway to manipulate the mind, to plant thoughts or reveal secrets. The concept of a dream in a dream in a dream was like pealing an onion, one layer at a time. Watching that was magical in its own mental way. Continue reading


Despicable me

20 Jul

Chris Melandandri, the executive producer who bought us Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Horton hears a Who, brings us a new animated movie in the form of Despicable Me. I hadn’t heard of this movie until I saw the trailer when I’d gone to watch Toy Story 3 (Review here). It looked interesting but didn’t tickle my curiosity enough to make me want to go to the theater to watch it. Then on one lazy Friday night, me and my siblings decided to go watch a movie and Despicable Me was the only one that fit the bill as my 4 year old niece was to accompany us. A late night show, the theater was full of easily tickled idiots which meant it wasn’t the best environment to watch an average movie. Continue reading

Knight and Day

7 Jul

A movie that is trying to be a comedy and an action movie at the same time can go wrong in a lot of ways and unfortunately ‘Knight and Day‘ was one of those movies that went horribly wrong in almost every possible way. Directed by James Mangold whose last directional venture was ‘3:10 to Yuma‘ (a movie I liked a lot), it was disappointed to see this quality of work coming from him.

The problem does not lie with the concept which revolves around a secret agent Roy Miller (played by Tom Cruise) who’s being hunted by his own agency because they believe he has gone rogue while he tries to clear his name, James bond style. His love interest is played by the completely ordinary June Havens (played by Cameron Diaz) whose character revolves around being the damsel in distress who gets saved by Roy Miller every single time. Now this has been done a million times over and can still be successful on an average level if executed well which is surely not the case here. Continue reading