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Dinner: Sapne

2 Sep

Quoting the website: ‘… great food, amazing service and a fine ambiance doesn’t have to cost the world.’ That honestly sums up my first encounter with this newly opened Indian Cuisine restaurant called ‘Sapne’ in Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza. (map)

Once again on recommendation of my partner in crime Shruti, who also happens to be the person who shot the dishes served there, (go check them out on the website… like, right now!) we headed down the ever-so-slow Jumeirah Beach Road looking for the restaurant because she conveniently forgot the exact location, so it meant my iftar ended up becoming more of a dinner. Anyway, beyond the minor hunger pangs in my tummy, we slipped into an empty restaurant. Continue reading


Dinner: Shahishta

17 Dec

Situated in Garhoud, Shahista is perhaps the only Afghani restaurant I’ve seen that aims to serve the upscale crowd with an opulent décor and a pricy menu. Being yet another restaurant Shruti had shot in; it was in our ‘Must try’ list.

We were welcomed by a door man who suspiciously looked like a pathan from Pakistan in an elaborate Afghani Shalwar kameez with a huge Keffiyeh. The interior seemed a little over the top in some sections i.e. trying too hard to look expensive but failing miserably. As usual, the authentic feel is murdered by having waitresses of a different nationality who have no idea about the traditional cuisine nor have the ability to make recommendations. This left us picking main dishes with names we’d never heard of.

To start off, we ordered a Tabbouleh salad with an orange juice for me and steam milk for Shruti. We instead got served a Tandoori Naantopped with sesame seeds and nigella seeds with a yogurt based sauce as a starter followed by our original starter order.

Tandoori Naan

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Breakfast: Le Pain Quotiden

29 Nov

With a frame of mind of having some sandwiches for breakfast, me and Shruti entered Dubai Mall. We  ended up having some eggs.

Being the lazy combo we’ve been lately, we decided to try PQ aka ‘Le Pain Quotiden’ as it was right next to the parking entrance to where our cars were parked. The restaurants decent decor helped sway our decision to eat there.

Red Fruit Tea

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