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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

27 Jul

After an impressive beginning as a director with ‘Luck by Chance’, Zoya Akhtar is back with ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ in her second outing once again casting her brother Farhan Akhtar as Imran with Hrithik Roshan as Arjun & Abhay Deol as Kabir to make the three musketeers. They embark on a bachelor trip across Spain before Kabir gets married to Natasha (Kalki Koechlin) where each of them will take the other two to experience an unknown extreme sport opening their respective lives to possibilities that they were unsure to face before.

Farhan Akthar with his surefire comic timing, relaxed personality and soul searching gazes makes this his best performance to date. He has matured as an actor proving that he can do more than just serious roles. Hrithik Roshan lets his eyes do the talking. His transition from a grumpy money making machine to a free soul is exulted beautifully. This is one of his better if not best performances and this proves that with the right director and script, he is a fantastic actor. Abhay Deol might come across as the timid one among the three and he might not be the best dancer (especially with the other two around) but he makes the best of what he has, his strong dialogue delivery. His casualness makes the trio feel human. Continue reading


Pansonic GH2 (tbreak)

20 Jul

Never having been a fan of the four-thirds system, reviewing the Panasonic GH2 was a bit of a challenge as I tried keeping my personal opinion aside. The GH2 is the most DSLR-like in the Panasonic Mirrorless ILC range with its rather large body, features and price tag. That meant there were high expectations to be met.

With the steady shift towards a future norm where a camera is expected to take high quality videos; improvement in picture quality and dynamic range progress has taken a back seat with the GH2 clearly being one of those cameras. Decent built quality, well implemented displays (including the EVF), four aspect ratios and a fantastic HD video was all good but with poor image quality, the GH2 fails in its most vital function; taking pictures. With a grip that isn’t conducive for long shooting hours when the massive 14-140mm lens is mounted, a pitiful burst mode buffer and poor low light/long shutter speed performance makes you wonder if this is just a video camera that can take pictures as well.

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