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The Croods

20 Mar

The Croods PosterIn an alternative world just like ours where you discover piranha birds, saber rabbits, mouse elephants and bunch of other hybrid animals; we are familiarized to a Stone Age family called the Croods. Clouded in judgment from their ignorance and fear of the unknown outside their cave, the Croods follow one simple rule “Never not be afraid”. Abruptly one day their life is flung into complete disarray as their safe haven is shattered and everything they know is tossed out of the window as they are forced to venture into stunning unfamiliar land.

Directed, written and screenplay by Kirk De Micco (Space Chimps) and Chris Sanders (How to Train a Dragon, Lion King); ‘The Croods’ never surpassed my ‘This is going to be an average film’ expectations when I’d first seen the trailer. Expectations didn’t get any better as you are introduced to the characters and a bit of the story via a voice over narration that spelled ‘Seen-it-before’ in my head. What happened next did come off as a bit of a surprised as the film managed to rise above its cliché story and to certain extend its characters to take you on a joyful ride through a family’s journey in peril and happiness. Continue reading