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Hotel Transylvania

25 Oct

After the death of his wife, Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) creates a lavish hotel to protect his daughter Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez) and other monsters from the pitchfork wielding humans and their hatred. Fast forward a century to Mavis’s 118th birthday, a human by the name of Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) stumbles upon the hotel. All hell breaks loose in Dracula’s head as he tries to protect his hotel’s image while being a protective control freak of a father.

With a bucket full of monsters, the writers (Todd Durham, Dan Hageman & Kevin Hageman) could have gone horribly wrong or created a string of brilliance. Instead they wrapped the story around Dracula and his daughter while throwing in a string of cliché plots and a bit of a love story. The rest of the cast takes a backseat only stepping into the limelight for short funny moments that only peaks in the climax. Also, the whole monster-scared-of-humans concept was reminiscent of Monsters Inc. sans the cute factor. Continue reading


The Watch

4 Oct

Disclaimer: Sexual content and vulgar reference towards it still puts me in an awkward situation however old I get. So my general rule is to avoid R-rated films especially when they fall into the genre of comedy, romance or drama. Unfortunately I didn’t carefully look at the IMDB parental advisory before I went for the film ‘The Watch’. Anyway… this is clearly not my type of genre.

‘The Watch’ is about Evan Trautwig (Ben Stiller) who’s in love with his little town Glenview in Ohio and participates in various community initiatives while proudly managing a local Costco. After the mysterious murder of his colleague/friend Antonio Guzman (Joe Nunez), he takes it upon himself to set up a neighbourhood force to watch over the community and find the murderer. As volunteers Bob (Vince Vaughn), a possessive father; Franklin (Jonah Hill) a knife wielding police department reject who lives with his mom; and Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade) a housewife-fantasising Brit make up what he calls the ‘neighbourhood watch’. As they stumble deeper into the mystery, they come face to face with aliens and an invasion with Glenview being ground zero. Continue reading