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TRON : Legacy

20 Dec

A wafer thin storyline with glitzy special effects constructed over a brilliant concept. It was Avatar all over again without the love story.

Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges)

Kevin Flynn’s (played by Jeff Bridges) mysterious disappearance leaves his son Sam Flynn (played by Garret Hedlund) a little lost in life. For 20 years, he lives in the shadow of a question; why did his father not come back. After a pager from his dads old arcade, he stumbles onto a secret room and manages to get himself into the digital world of ‘The Grid’ where he finds his trapped father. Throw in an evil clone nemesis with a killer instinct(rogue) side kick, a beautiful but deadly ally (Played by Olivia Wilde), visually stunning action scenes and an army of reprogrammed programs to destroy the real world and we have all the ingredients for a cliché plot with plenty of cliché subplots. Continue reading


Dinner: Shahishta

17 Dec

Situated in Garhoud, Shahista is perhaps the only Afghani restaurant I’ve seen that aims to serve the upscale crowd with an opulent décor and a pricy menu. Being yet another restaurant Shruti had shot in; it was in our ‘Must try’ list.

We were welcomed by a door man who suspiciously looked like a pathan from Pakistan in an elaborate Afghani Shalwar kameez with a huge Keffiyeh. The interior seemed a little over the top in some sections i.e. trying too hard to look expensive but failing miserably. As usual, the authentic feel is murdered by having waitresses of a different nationality who have no idea about the traditional cuisine nor have the ability to make recommendations. This left us picking main dishes with names we’d never heard of.

To start off, we ordered a Tabbouleh salad with an orange juice for me and steam milk for Shruti. We instead got served a Tandoori Naantopped with sesame seeds and nigella seeds with a yogurt based sauce as a starter followed by our original starter order.

Tandoori Naan

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