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SMS Backup+ (Android)

5 Jun

How advanced the Android OS is compared to the now almost dead Symbian OS (SMS Diary) is evident from the apps available to the end user. I invested in an Android phone in December last year. Since then I’ve received and sent over 4,000 SMS. I have this need keep backups of all my SMS so I downloaded ‘SMS Backup+’ from the android market; a free app. *coughiTunescough* Continue reading


SMS diary (Symbian)

2 May

I have this bad habit of backing up all my old sms messages on my PC because I like to look back at them once in a while. Before buying my Sony Ericsson P1i, I used to use the software ‘My phone explorer’ to back everything up i.e. contacts, sms, notes etc. It was convenient and easy to use. The only problem I had was that the time and date for the sent messages would not be recorded by the software due to some symbian OS limitations (I think). This was really annoying because what’s the point of having those sms messages if I couldn’t know what date I send them on. Continue reading