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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

29 May

As a kid, I remember playing the original Prince of Persia game in the early 90’s. I never got around playing the other versions because by the time the new ones were released, I had stopped playing games due to having a poorly built computer.

When I saw the movie trailer for the first time, I thought the lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal (who plays Prince Dastan) looked gay. I don’t know how the character had developed over the years in the game but this is not how I wanted the character to look like and I decided I didn’t want to watch the movie anymore. But then I got passes to the press screening and I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. Went there with minimal expectations and in all honestly, I enjoyed it in parts. Continue reading


SMS diary (Symbian)

2 May

I have this bad habit of backing up all my old sms messages on my PC because I like to look back at them once in a while. Before buying my Sony Ericsson P1i, I used to use the software ‘My phone explorer’ to back everything up i.e. contacts, sms, notes etc. It was convenient and easy to use. The only problem I had was that the time and date for the sent messages would not be recorded by the software due to some symbian OS limitations (I think). This was really annoying because what’s the point of having those sms messages if I couldn’t know what date I send them on. Continue reading

Iron Man 2

1 May

I hadn’t seen the original Iron Man movie in the theatre and so I blamed that to not liking it i.e. the big screen awe effect of having a super hero bash different villains was missing. So when I heard about the sequel, decided to watch it in the theatre. Till yesterday morning, I thought it was a 3D movie but on checking the cinestar website I realized it wasn’t. I think not having it in 3D was a huge mistake cause even though 3D is over rated, I’d think a movie like this would have gained a lot from it.

11pm show at Mall of the Emirates, I was a little excited after seeing everyone else looking forward to be amazed by Tony Stark aka Iron Man. 2 hours later and the only word that came to my head was rubbish. That’s how bad I thought the movie was even though everyone else seemed to like it in bits. Continue reading