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16 Apr

Last night as a last minute decision, I decided to go for the movie ‘9‘. I had first seen the trailer during the US box office countdown on MBC 2 all the way back in November 2009. The concept looked interesting and I had ticked it off as a movie I would watch in the theater. Recently my sister mentioned that the movie was releasing soon so I looked it up on IMDB. Co-produced by Tim Burton was enough information for me to understand that ‘9‘ is going to be a very different movie and I wasn’t disappointed.

Being a 10pm show, we left at 9:40pm from home and some how managed to reach Mall of the Emirates by 9:55pm. Being thursday, we weren’t sure if we’d get any tickets but suprisingly we did. Maybe everyone was busy watching the Shahid Kapur starrer Paathshala which I’ve heard is rubbish. Anyway we got there just in time i.e. the movie had started maybe a minute before we entered. Continue reading