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Ice Age: Collision Course

8 Aug

Ice Age Collision Course (1)Roughly thirteen years on since the first Ice Age was released and the gang are still going strong. Manny, Sid and Diego, this one being the fifth in the feature length series and the longest, by only a few minutes. Supposedly the final in the franchise we see an expected happy ending instead of total extinction.

It’s the full film extension of Blue Sky Studio’s short, Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe which was released last year, obviously starring Ice Age favorite Scrat, who intergalactically haphazardly arranges the planets in imaginative fashion whilst inadvertently thrusting an asteroid towards the Earth threatening all of it’s existence, of course, all because of that elusive nut.

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Eddie the Eagle

28 Mar

Eddie the Eagle (1)Eddie the Eagle is a biographical sports film based on the true story of British ski jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. As far as underdog stories go, this is one of the best. It is a sweet natured and fun film very reminiscent of the similarly themed Cool Runnings.

Michael “Eddie” Edwards (Taron Egerton) is a young British man who dreams of competing at the Olympics. Since he was a child, Eddie has practiced and practiced his athletic abilities but has been constantly rejected by sporting officials. Despite this, Eddie never gives up on his dream. One day, Eddie decides to train as a ski jumper and represent Britain at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. Aiding him with his training is Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman), a drunken American snow plower who despite his own internal insecurities, believes Eddie has the potential to achieve greatness at the Olympics.

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23 Feb

Deadpool (1)Kick-starting 2016’s superhero season with a bang, this adults-only comic book adaptation is ballsy, irreverent and hilariously cheeky. Think a Kick-Ass flavored X-men movie, but even filthier. Wisely opting to forgo the typical U.S. PG-13 rating the vast majority of blockbusters aim for (in order to widen their audience, reach), Deadpool doubles down on its brain-splattering violence, vulgar jokes and disgusting potty mouth, all to great effect. There’s also the unique tone to separate it from other comic-book flicks; not only is it subversive and amusingly juvenile, but it whole heartedly embraces its fourth-wall-breaking and meta humor roots.

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