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City of Life

26 Apr

I  went to watch ‘City of Life’ with a friend after the badminton tweetup on Saturday. It was a bit of a last minute decision because according the cinema websites; Saturday was the last day it was playing and both of us really wanted to watch it. That turned out to be wrong but that didn’t matter, it was a nice night out.

Directed, written and produced by Ali F. Mostafa, a UAE based film maker, I heard about the film for the first time during the Dubai international film festival 2009 where it supposedly ended up being the most watched film. Being the first Emirati full length feature, I was looking forward to seeing how Dubai had been depicted so when I heard about its release, I tried to find someone to go with. There was a tweetup for it but it clashed with some personal commitments so I missed that opportunity. Continue reading