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2 May

From the people who brought us the extremely stupid Transformers, Battleship was already dead in the water (pun intended) in my books. Then I fell for the tweets that were hailing it as a good movie. I should have stayed away.

FYI, a battleship is a heavy warship with extensive armour protection and large-calibre guns. This film is based on a board game called Battleship.

*long pause…*

I know movies have been made based on video games before, but I don’t see enough material in a board game to produce a film inspired by it. Next thing we know they’ll be releasing a Farmville movie… *shudders*

So some idiots at NASA thought it was a brilliant idea to send out a random signal of invitation into space. To their complete obliviousness, the signal is answered by technologically advanced small fleet of alien ships. In true Hollywood style, these aliens can not only travel through space, create impenetrable force fields, have telekinetic powers and superior weaponry, but are conveniently handicapped by the ‘oh-so-bright’ sun, with a complete lack of common sense. So they get their butt kicked by a bunch of veterans, bad actors and a decommissioned battleship while leapfrogging over water with the US flag flying high. Continue reading