1 Nov

gb1Goosebumps was one easily accessible fiction for most children growing up in the 90’s that had a huge fan following then and even now. In my case, there was a plethora of the series in my School Library and hence naturally this one become a regular read and forthwith a childhood favorite that gave goosebumps every time I read it because of its spooky horror element mixed with twists and genuine humor.

Directed by Rob Letterman who gave a lame rework of Gulliver’s Travels back in 2010, the cinematic version of the popular novel do hold the spookiness that the books offer, but only up to an extent. The screenplay by Darren Lemke based upon an original story by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski mixes up creatures like Slappy The Dummy, Zombies, Werewolf, Giant Mantis and Abominable Snowman from the goosebumps series which all gets to be a part of less than two hours long narrative.

The factor of nostalgia plays a significant role here as the screenplay is strictly average and the major factor of appeal is the connect that the viewers develop with the characters whom they have met before in books. Having said this, I must also admit the fact that the movie offers something for even the new audience who have never been to the series in the form of interesting humor and twists.

On the negative side, the horror part was weak and there wasn’t a single moment that could chill the spines in the narration. Further, the mixing up of too many characters into one story couldn’t make any wonders as expected and ended as a pretty average effort by the makers to spin out a movie based on the series.

According to author RL Stine, every Goosebumps story can be broken down into three parts and the same applies to this one too, the twist element here being really impressive and executed well.

Jack Black as R.L Stine couldn’t get better and the actor was pretty impressive with his peculiar dialog delivery and mannerisms. Dylan Minnette and Odeya Rush were equally good and played their part well. Ryan Lee enacted the clichéd character of a cowardly friend to the hero. The CGI part was slightly on the disappointing side considering this as a Hollywood movie, but made up by neat editing and cinematography.

Overall, Goosebumps is a retro-fashioned horror comedy that can be watched with families this Halloween.



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