The Heat

26 Jun

The Heat PosterThe run-of-the-mill buddy cop film where two polar opposite law enforcement characters are thrown together leading to ‘I’ll rip your head off’ clashes and (as typically found in this genre) palling up in the end to catch the villains while learning some life lessons.

The story follows by-the-book know-it-all Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), who travels to Boston on an assignment to capture a drug lord in order to impress her boss and secure a promotion. There she runs into foul-mouthed brash Detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) of the Boston Police Department who’s extremely territorial about her neighborhood and the people she arrests.

Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock with Jason. Thoman F. Wilson

Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock with Thoman F. Wilson

Directed and produced by Paul Feig and written by Katie Dippold, ‘The Heat’ is undeniably hilarious but being R-rating; it hauls as many profanities and vulgarity at the screen as possible. Luckily most of the gags are more hit than miss though some jokes do overstay their welcome. The story is peppered with buddy cop clichés and you’ll be able to foresee how the story unravels as it goes through predictable plots and twists. What makes up for it is the enthusiastic chemistry Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy share through trials and tribulation.

Sandra Bullock starts off a little cold as you fail to connect to her character. A role she has been seen in before, the moment the character begins to loosen up things get entertaining. Melissa McCarthy showcases her immense talent here and is a complete scene stealer with crude comedy and aggressive body language. Both of them together are bellyaching funny as they feed off one another and other supporting characters. The few dramatic moments they share, both are equally (if not more) likeable.

The Heat

Support notably comes from Marlon Wayans as local Boston FBI agent Levy, Demian Bichir as the FBI boss and Michael Rapaport as Shannon Mullins brother Jason. Thoman F. Wilson as Captain Woods was hilarious as was Dan Bakkedahl as the Albino DEA agent Craig while Spoken Reasons as a drug supplier Rojas was the only negative character that left an impression.

Nudging in at almost two hours, apart from a few scenes (the extended bar scene comes to mind) the film manages to stay entertaining throughout and is a good addition to the buddy cop genre. Bullock and Melissa make a formidable duo that will keep you tickled if you do not take the story too seriously.


The Heat


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