London Paris New York

7 Mar

“I want to watch it for the songs”, exclaimed my friend Shruti as she convinced me to watch a romcom, that too in the theatre. With a running time of just 100 minutes, this poorly scripted movie succeeds to be bearable thanks solely to some clever acting.

Three days spent together by the only actors in the movie i.e. the lead pair in three different cities would lead to infinite moments and *drum roll* eternal love, or so we are made to believe. So it’s London where they share their first kiss, Paris where they get naughty and New York where they snog to ‘happily ever after’ with obviously a tour of each city thrown into the mix to stir up some romance.

The London kiss...

With an unpretentious story, it had the making of a good romcom with plenty of ‘so cute’ moments along the way. Unfortunately debutant Director Anu Menon (who is also the writer and did the screenplay) delivers too many infinite moments of feeble romantic and absurd emotional plots that make this rather short film a drag and boring. The entertaining bits in-between may leave you amused but are too short to leave a lasting effect. This is where keeping it simple would have done the trick.

The Paris fling...

Ali Zafar as (work in-progress) film director Nikhil Chopra was by far his worst performance to date, not because of his acting but due to lack of content to the role. Irrespective of that, Ali Zafar plays the role with great finesse usually found in more veteran actors and you really feel his pain as he sheds a tear or two on the big screen.

Ali Zafar as Nikhil Chopra

Debutant Aditi Rao Hydari as Lalitha Krishnan was the other reason I was in the theatre. She’s supposedly Shruti’s friend’s cousin or something like that. From the first moment you lay your eyes on her, you realize that she’s not just another model turned actor whose expressions are as varied as a plank. She still has a lot to learn but she managed to play the role just fine, though a better selection of wardrobe would have suited her better.

Aditi Rao Hydari as Lalitha Krishnan

Song composed, written and sung (in most cases) by Ali Zafar were slotted into places quite abruptly or maybe I’ve gotten used to having songs play in the background. Either way the songs aren’t chartbusters but they do stick to the theme of the movie most of the time and stay in your head long enough to make their way into your MP3 player. Also the fact that Aditi Rao Hydari lends her voice for two of the songs even though she isn’t a singer brings some authenticity to it.

It’s one of those movies that you want to hate but somehow still manage to like and that’s about it.

The New York patch-up...


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