Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

8 Sep

Written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is about Kush (Imran Khan) being given the responsibility by his London-settled big brother Luv (Ali Zafar) to find the perfect desi girl for him to get married to after his ‘badly scripted’ immature breakup with his British Indian girlfriend Piali (Tara D’Souza). He ends up rediscovering ‘crazy/carefree England-born but a desi at heart’ Dimple (Katrina Kaif) as that perfect girl and then conveniently falls in love with her.

Imran Khan doing the Aamir Khan moves

With a potential for being a decent romantic comedy, the screenplay lets the movie down with a dull first half and one liners, *trying hard to be funny* innuendos that results in half hearted laughs from a few. The screen time and over the top antics that were put in place to stamp the carefree Katrina Kaif’s image into the viewers mind was bordering to the level of annoyance. Most of the original songs felt out of place and faded out in comparison to songs from classics played in the background in different situations for a comical touch. The cinematography was typical Yash Raj fanfare, nothing extraordinarily special. The chemistry between the lead actors was fun and funny when kept simple.

Imran, Katrina and Ali Zafar

Imran Khan as assistant director and younger brother Kush plays one of those ‘been there, done that’ roles. He has matured as an actor and does have that extra zip in some scenes but it’s a character we have seen him play before. He fits the role, does a good job and looks adorable at the same time.

Imran Khan as camera flaunting assistant director Kush

Katrina Kaif is a weak Hindi speaker, it has always shown in her acting and this movie is no different. Fortunately with every movie, her acting and dialogue delivery has been improving which is evident in scenes where she isn’t a glam doll giving the actor in her some breathing space. Tara D’Souza is an above average model turned actress with a single dimension acting curve. Nothing to write home about.

Erratic Rock star Katrina Kaif as Dimple

Ali Zafar as Luv is melodramatic. Clearly the pick of the actors with brilliant expressions and body language. His acting style which was subtly comical was integral in keeping up with the lightness of the mood that was created throughout the movie.

Ali Zafar as Luv with Katrina

Support was in the form of predictable, easily manipulated and rather understanding fathers (Parikshat Sahni & Kanwaljit Singh) and their *not much to say’ wives; Dimple’s genius autistic brother Ajju (Arfeen Khan) and ordinary looking Kush’s childhood friend Shobhit (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub). Cliché wafer thin characters without any real depth to them and yet the actors still managed to do a decent job.


Starting off on a clear cut script, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan traverses from a weak and a boring screenplay to a subliminal love triangle that eventually manages to save some face in the end.

The Akbar act by Imran Khan was part of the saving grace in the second half


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