AppStart (iPad)

14 Jun

The finest element about buying an iPad is the apps. Once you have the iPad up, you browse through the App Store looking for the ‘must have’ apps to meet your needs but with over 300,000 of them, you end up discouraged with the constant trial and error process. This is where AppStart by AppAdvice steps in.

Quoting the publisher:

AppStart takes a fresh and fun approach to teach the average Joe (or insert your name here) how to become more familiar with his iPad and apps. NO THIS IS NOT A BORING MANUAL. We’ll fill you on the basic things that everyone should know, and then get you started with the best apps for you

AppStart has posed itself to be first app you should download. It presents the basic functions of the iPad in simple layman terms with a clean, grid interface (no boring manual look here). The app essentially has four main pages with each having clickable buttons that represent a specific topic (from email to photography to health). Each topic has a mini guide on how to setup your iPad for a specific task with the respective recommended Apps; both free and paid (with prices and descriptions). Clicking on a specific app will open the App Store on the iPad allowing you to explore the app further and download it.

The amount of information packed into AppStart makes it a keeper even after you’ve tuned the iPad to your needs. It truly is the best way to break into your iPad irrespective of the kind of user you are. The best part is, it’s currently free and if you want to take it further, the AppAdvice app (costs $1.99) is the place to go that is updated on a daily basis.

Highly Recommended.


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