SMS Backup+ (Android)

5 Jun

How advanced the Android OS is compared to the now almost dead Symbian OS (SMS Diary) is evident from the apps available to the end user. I invested in an Android phone in December last year. Since then I’ve received and sent over 4,000 SMS. I have this need keep backups of all my SMS so I downloaded ‘SMS Backup+’ from the android market; a free app. *coughiTunescough*

SMS Backup+ automatically backs up your SMS/MMS into a separate folder (you can label it anything you want) in your Gmail account. It even stores your call logs into the Google calendar. A straightforward interface makes setting up completely hassle free. The mobile will periodically backup any new SMS received or sent through your data connection or WiFi (you can set it up to use only WiFi when available) as per the schedule you choose with the possibility of giving priority to the received SMS.

With this app, you also have the ability to recover all your SMS and call logs just in case your mobile deletes them like mine did one fine day. It took a couple of hours to get over 3,000 of them back but restoration went perfectly with no crashes or duplicate/missing SMS from what I could see. You can also access the SMS or call log in your Gmail account as everything is displayed in a chronological order, just like normal emails.

A highly recommended app for the android if you’re like me…holding onto shreds of memories.


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